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Sandhamn Seglarhotell

The hotel "Sandhamn Seglarhotell" is a place for great experiences close to the nature and the sea. As a guest you will find one of Stockholm archipelago’s most unique and heritage-rich islands. Sandhamn Seglarhotell offers a modern and relaxed environment, with good food, music, and lots of activities.

The app form Loialcard makes exploring the exciting sites of Sandhamn and participating in the events a breeze. As a loyal customer you get notifications, redeem offers based on your activity and checkin easily identified as a loyal guest in the app.


Powered by Loialcard

The app of Loialcard offers some truly specific hotel features that supports the business of Sandhamn Seglarhotell. Even if you are a loyal visitor, finding your way to the wonderful beach on the opposite island is a lot easier with the app at hand. And before your visit, having downloaded the app as a new comer you will be able to redeem that extra benefit making your stay better even before it actually started. 

The app and Sandhamn Seglarhotell welcomes all guests in the same spirit as owners in charge, Johanna and Marcus, bring to the hotel and in all they do.

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