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Distribute your digital membership card to your clients so that you can interact with the people that loves you. You get apps, direct messaging, maps with your POS, Shop n´Go, and a lot more.  

A digital card means it will always be carried with your clients and that you have an uninterrupted direct communication line to all your followers at all times. 

Examples of areas of use

Your own plattform with your logo

Instead of trying to fight with every competitor about the space on social media. Get your own space for the people who love you. Each follower becomes an ambassador and you grow with real organic growth. Our motto is that it's better to have 100 devoted and good customers, than 100 000 uninterested ones. Get the info to the ones that want it. And with the value of the card they will keep the app. And you will then have a direct link to them. (and a lot more)  

Start making value day 1

Low costs

To make valuable, usable digital products costs a lot. We have made a product that we know will give you better communication and that the customer understands for a fraction of the cost. We aim to have the best price on the market and we promise that whatever deal you take today you will always get the best price we offer as we aim to lower it as we grow. 

We have made a product that is relevant for both you and your clients on the day of the launch. The client gets the value of the card, map and feature from you. You get the direct line without noise to the client and the option to start making business with all your affiliates, partners, and friends. The up-start period has never been shorter. 

Do you remember the membership, VIP and loyalty cards? Its now digital and very, very cool... and everybody can relate..

Loialcard is for small and medium-sized businesses that want a communications product that is affordable and gives you instant ROI. You can be a chess club, hotel, festival or club owner, and you will understand the value on day one. And the innovation lies in that Gen Z will love it and even the Boomers will understand it.. 

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It has never been more important to be relevant. As a retailer, you need to take care of your clients. A day's sales can be dependent on that sale and with this targeted digital membership club you will increase sales and improve client relations. This is where Loialcard was born. Turn your clients into members and see them become ambassadors. by just handing them the VIP card


Social clubs, clubs, organisations of any kind. If you still do the old membership card, you know that it's mostly ending up at home. Now it will always be with the member and you will be able to communicate even the smallest things and messages will never be unanswered. A meeting, a soiree, a gathering or an event, not to mention the money you will save on the traditional cards. 

Reail & Orgnisations


Imagine you can reach every supporter on a terrace with a message at the exact same time? Or start an extra outlet for beer or merchandise at an arena in a minute? Or why not make a deal with the local sports shop and have some discount for the members. They can now find all the spots and identify themselves for the discount and the club can get a cut.  


What is a cancelled appointment worth to you? Chose the range and send a push to the ones who can make it in time with no cost. Your clients, barbers, hairdressers, manicurist or dentists are very likely returning customers, let them know it. Let them know you value them and give them a card and with that some local deals with your friends in the area.

Spots and Beauy


If you have a moving truck you may have some struggle in informing your clients where you are. But with Loialcard you add your daily destination and send out a push. Should it change simply go into the app and change the location? 

If you want to have a shop n go for your members it's also included. So this is undoubtedly something that would make your life better

Food Trucks and festial.


This is a revolution: they download their ticket with the app, and from that day you got them as clients. Keep them busy with warm-up parties and pre meets. Use the app for entry, for shopping and for continuous info during the festival. After the festival, you follow up with afterparties and they will keep their ticket forever. And guess who has them on their phone for the next time...  

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Loialcard target icons.png



Night Clubs Trade Shows

Ok, we have stretched it a bit further here. We added a guest-list function including the Host approval and Doorman check. So this gives you the complete tool of a VIP card, full control of your members you can send info in areas around your club to attack the ones that forgot that they were going to you in the first place. Slow night? Send a message to your members. Did I say you can add events? 


You sent out invitations and spent a fortune on your setup. And there you are. If you use Loiaclard your invitation is active and you will give them directions. You can remind them about your events, at the afterparty and Guide them to all the important places during the event, being a restaurants, lavatories, stalls or meeting halls. 



Hotel and start biz

If you have a resort or hotel, you can give back some real value. With all the POI on the map, you easily direct people. You can have all your hotel info. open doors. And get information out to the current guests, or if you will, previous ones on the slight chance there are vacant rooms, late canellations or happenings coming up. There are also ways to integrate scavenger hunts and similar for the kids on the map. Fun for all the family. . 


Are you the savviest person on vinyl in the world, or in your town or know everything about the Victorians historically in your area? Maybe you know the best bird places or where to find berries  Well, why don't you make it a business and make some money from similar minded that might find it interesting? Add the info on the map. Fill it with info, and start charging via the app stores.  




Do you want to market your city in a simple way? Why don't you distribute this local city card and add the points of interest and inform on the local happenings? Build this with the locals and the tourists will enjoy all the information and spend their time and money on it. And this will be the most inexpensive project you have brought to the council ever. 






Simply curated interesting info to your followers who will act on it

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