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Gay Gran Canaria

An app specifically for the LGBTQ+ community, with a focus on fun, joy, friendships, and, of course, partying! From the moment travellers arrive on the island, they'll be welcomed with open arms by a friendly and inclusive community. The app guides users to the hottest clubs, the best beaches, and the most exciting events, ensuring that their stay is packed with fun and adventure. Everything curated and handpicked with the best gay-friendly spots on the island.

Loialcard Gay Gran Canaria beaches and waves
Loialcard Gay Gran Canaria flags
Loialcard Gay Gran Canaria the island of Gran Canaria
Loialcard Gay Gran Canaria screenshot events
Loialcard Gay Gran Canaria sand dunes

Powered by Loialcard

With the always included features in a Loialcard app such as notifications, places, events and rewards travellers have access to all the places added on a map, they get messages when something happens and they are presented with a lot of perks and freebees. Their membership card lets them access all the promoted events and they can weasily find all they need on the map.

The app content curator on the island Jerónimo Marín is your go-to-person for any business requests related to Gay Gran Canaria.

"We are truly getting noticed on Gran Canaria since we bring loyal customers to the gay venues"

Jerónimo Marín

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