We have a lowest price policy at Loialcard which means that you will always be getting the lowest price regardless of your contract. We know that our prices will be lowered as we get more clients and if you want to jump on board now, early, you should not be getting a worse deal. So even though we think our product is very well priced today, you should not be feeling worried that someone else gets a better deal.  Loyalty should always be rewarded.​

Peter Asbrink, Founder

Basic version

This includes everything to get going. Your logo to the design, apps in the App Store, and Google Play a full backend and everything you need to get going. You provide us with company logos and you are set to go in a week. You will be in the app stores and can distribute your cards to your members.  Incl 1000 people, 1000 Places and 1000 Products

Setup € 490    € 99/mo


Limited time use 

Do you have an event you don't think will continue? A wedding, a graduation, festival or similar. Then you can get a 6 month limited time use for a fixed price. After the 6 months you can change it to a normal plan. 

Total:  € 1500


Additional data

If you want more members, products or places you can upgrade your plan with 5000 of the above for €49 a month. If you reduce your data your costs will be reduced accordingly. 



Bespoke development

Since this is your  licensed product we can make any additions you want. You tell us what you need and we set a fixed price for it and add it to your apps and backend. 

If and when prices go down you will automatically get the lower price.


Let's Work Together

We are upgrading the membership with the coolest most versatile digital card on the market for a cost that is affordable to everyone. -Peter Asbrink, founder Loialcard