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Your apps are the holder of the card and that in itself is a valuable for the user. But it is so much more if you want it to bre. Its an undisturbed channel directly to your users and  you chose how much you want to do interact. Here is the guide to test all teh features and view the backend. The backend is a view only but please get in touch if you want to try something closer. 

As a user you should also try the check-in to get rewards and open purchases. For the Loialcard demo app we have created some necesseties for the full experience. Its a demo area so feel free to test.


Peter Asbrink, Founder CEO


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Places are taken from Google Maps and is added only because we like them. There is no other connection. 

Download The app

Firstly you need to download the app from the App store or Google Play. If you have been added by your admin earlier by an imported Excel, csv or manually you will know when you "apply for membership". In that case you only need to change your Password and you are good to go. If you are not invited,  you will have to add your personal info and wait for the admin to approve you. Its a membership application so have some patience and wait for the approval. 


Credit Card. 

For many of our clients the added credit card is a real help, this is a unique way to give you a complete Shop n´GO for your members. (you can create a cash register anywhere in seconds)  To test this is you can add a test card so: 4242 4242 4242 4242,  any future date, and any CVC is ok.  If you don't add a CC you can not try the purchase part, but the rest will work.


Checking in with QR codes

Each place or event has a unique code generated by the system when you create them. You download it and print it and place it where ever you want. To check in,  press the button Check-in and scan the code, you will be checked-in and receive a reward on the reward page. If you have a CC added (see 2) then you open the possibility to purchase at this particular place.   Use the QR to the right to check-in. When checking-in you will get a Reward in the Rewards page. This can be used in a number of ways, like the 10th coffee, scavenger hunts or loyalty points. 


Purchasing with QR codes

When you have added a CC (see 2) and checked in at a place and there are something to purchase there you can scan this QR. Each place can hold a complete store from your stock in the BackOffice.  You can add any number of items and you downlaod the QR codes for the members to scan for a purchase.  Use the QR to the right to test a purchase.   



As a member you will get notifications from the admin at the discretion of the admin. This is in this app done daily as a minimum. But if you want to see how it looks and are in a hurry please contact us and we will send a message out immediately. It might be simple but looks really cool. Pushes can be sent with Text, Url and image, to individuals or groups. 


Changing Cards

Everyting even the cards are super simple to handle. So if you want to change the card for your members then ask us and we will show you how. You can also have groups and separate cards for instance for Gold card members. If you want to see how that looks then give us a shout at


The Back Office

If you go to and check in as a guest you will be able to see the features. You use the same credentials as for the app.


Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 08.47.06.png

Places are taken from Google Maps and is added only because we like them. There is no other connection. 

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Test Product 1

Let's Work Together

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