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On the Phone

The Features

From our long history of customer interaction, memberships, loyalty cards, in plastic and paper, we chose the most important features to make it quick to understand for the members and easy to handle, regardless if you are a gen Z or a Boomer.  This goes for both user and admin, ie you. the point is to generate ROI on the first day. 

Included features:

App in Google Play

App in App Store

Default Card design

Default App Design

Change Card design feature

Add card design feature for groups

Back Office for easy handling

Excel, cvs imports of members, places and products

Map with directions 

Add your places with description 

Contact informatioin to place /event

Add your events or your own places with images

Add open days calendar

Request for guestlist

Admin approval of guestlist

Scan membership cards

Manual guestadding for admin

Add note to guest request

Import guest list

Host,Doorman connected to places

Superadmin rights

Block Members

Send individual push with image and link

Send group push with image and link

Send push to selected few with image and link

Check-in with rewards 

Check-in with purhcase

Receipt generator

History of all member actions

CRM for all members, places

Shop n´ Go

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