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Loialcard for Golf Clubs

Loialcard has a specific offer for Golf Clubs packed with custom features elevating the experience of golf club members.

Holding Golf Clubs

Pre negotiated deals

Loialcard has signed deals with well known golf brands presenting great offers for members of golf clubs using Loialcard. For example presenting your members with 10% discount on Titleist golf balls.

Golf Player

Guest list management

Handle room, table and tee time requests for your most loyal customers through the guest list function. Bring occupancy up across your complete business.

Golf Course with Lake

Golf course maps

Place tees and holes on the map and let everyone see how far away the flag is.

Add QR codes across the field for reward collection.

1st Golf Club

“30% more spend in our club store thanks to how we work with rewards and push notifications"

2nd Golf Club

"22% higher return rate from fra travelled clients since they are more informed about us all year round"

3rd Golf Club

“Loialcard members 3 times more likely than others to visit also our restaurant”


Golf Club Bundle

Get all the great features packed into the base version of Loialcard topped up with the specific golf club features.

Starting at the bundled price of 299 € per month.

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