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Discover ways to build loyalty with Loialcard

Read about businesses that trust in Loialcard to handle their most valuable asset.
Their loyal customers.

From hotels to news papers. From hair dressers to gay clubs.

They have one thing in common. More loyal customers.


Entr Group

ENTR GROUP runs a majority of the night and club life of Stockholm. They welcome their customers into iconic venues such as Berns, Sturecompagniet and The Spy Bar just to mention a few. They thrive on loyalty and with Loialcard they are stepping up their game even further.

EntrGroup, a client of Loialcard.
Gay Gran Canaria, a client of Loialcard.


Gay Gran Canaria

Gay Gran Canaria is the ultimate guide to experiencing Gran Canaria as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Find the best venues, get the best deals and find friends for life. You are sure to return, and with Loialcard at the core of their business Gay Gran Canaria make sure you will.


Sandhamn Seglarhotell

The most well renowned hotel in the best spot of the Stockholm archipelago builds their business around returning customers. With the power of Loialcard they are now even more successful.

Sandhamn Seglarhotell, a client of Loialcard.
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