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If you have questions, please give us a call.

If your phone has run out of battery, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Who can use Loialcard?
    All businesses thrive on loyalty. Loialcard helps in activating this loyalty and to build a stronger and larger loyal customer base. Loialcard is specifically design for small and midsize businesses and has attracted clients across multiple business verticals. Loialcard has also specific functionalty for certain verticals such as night clubs. Apart from businesses, other organisations such as football clubs, NGO:s and others who also are dealing with supporters or followers building their businesses based on loyalty.
  • Can the app be branded to match your company profile?
    Absolutely, in the process of setting up your loyalty app we adjust colors, logo, font and styling to match your company profile. The app is yours and should look like it too.
  • Can Loialcard be used in any country?
    Yes, absolutely. We can help you activate loyalty no matter where your customers are, locally or globally. Loialcard is currently available in a handful of languages and is used by organisations in a growing number of different locations, such as Sweden and Spain.
  • Is Loialcard available in multiple languages?
    Loialcard is available in Swedish, English and Spanish. More languages will be added continuously. Each user can choose the desired language for themselves.
  • Will Loialcard handle app updates after the launch?
    Yes, we keep your app updated and optimised for both Google Play and Apple Appstore.
  • Who owns the app and the content?
    Loialcard owns the app including its features and functionality. The content such as images, logos, texts is of course owned by you as our client. For details, read more about it in the Privacy policy we provide clients with when launching their app (unless they don't want to have their own). These apply between our clients and their customers / consumers. There are also the Terms and Conditions between Loialcard and our clients explaining who has the rights to the app code base and the content respectively.
  • Who's normally in charge for the apps within our client's organisations?
    This of course depends on the size of your organisation, but since loyal customers are key to the success of the business Loialcard normally discuss these topics with the marketing officer, the CEO or the owner. At times, all these roles residing with one person. During onboarding and once launched, managing the app's content is super straight forward and this work often sits with those closest to the customers, for example event coordinators, receptionist, site managers or marketing coordinators.
  • Can Loialcard be integrated with other systems?
    Yes, and there are a number of turnkey integrations already in place such as Stripe, Freja eID and BankID integrations. Our team is available to support you in connecting your Loialcard app to internal systems at your end if there is the need for it.
  • How fast can the apps be live?
    Loialcard configures your app and lets you test it within a week or two. Publishing to Google Play is normally faster than Apple App Store, where the process takes up to 2 weeks from the send in of your finished launch-ready app to the launch at Apple App Store. We help you with a smooth implementation – but exactly how much time it takes depends on the size of your organisation and who needs to be involved at your end to take decisions about the launch. Based on our experience, the average app setup time is between 2 and 8 weeks.
  • Is the app flexible or is it a one size fits all?
    Loialcard has base functionality to get you up to speed fast and in a professional way with proven effect. That's great, but we also appreciate our clients special needs, so features can be deactivated (for example if there is no need to a news section) and special features can be added or even custom built.
  • What is needed from my organisation to get started with Loialcard?
    Loialcard has it all prepared for you to make it simple. There are the few small steps you need to take to get going and we will guide you through that process. The steps include for example: 1. with the help of us having developer accounts setup 2. providing Loialcard with logo and company info Mainly, you need to establish the reason for you customers to download the app being it access to activities, receiving information easily or benefiting from specific discounts as a loyal customer. We at Loialcard are here to help you in identifying this based on our experience working with our clients having similar needs as you do.
  • What do we need to offer our customers for downloading the app?
    This differs for each organisation. Most importantly is to understand what drives the loyalty of your customers, and this you know better than anyone. If you want inspiration we at Loialcard can connect you with other clients for sharing knowledge and experience. We at Loialcard also have tons of experience within this and are keen to help. As for discounts specifically, another option is of course working with rewards based on activity rather than discount per client activity. Rewards are supported by Loialcard apps.
  • How to think about membership levels?
    As for the membership card levels and connected benefits, there are no limitations in Loialcard on how many or few (as long as you have one base level) you need for the app to function. Most clients start off with one level and builds later on from there. Adding and removing membership cards and benefits can be done through the admin interface continuously so these decisions are business oriented rather than technical or practical since Loialcard is flexible and caters for your needs as the change.
  • How should we think about our other marketing and sales activities?
    Most often Loialcard adds a new perspective to our clients, adding functionalty to existing work streams. A common questions is how to work with Loialcard in relation to Instagram and newsletter sendouts. Instagram is a bit of a shotgun approach, newsletters a bit more precise and Loialcard more of a sniper rifle. Loialcard most likely will not be downloaded by all your followers on Instagram for example, so running these activities in parallell makes sense, at least initially. Loialcard is for your most loyal and most valuable customers, those that cherish your brand the most.
  • Is there a startup cost?
    Yes, there is a start up cost of Loialcard of 499€ as a one time fee. Loialcard provides forms and templates for you to populate with the information needed to getting you set up. Some amount of self-service is part of the onboarding and then Loialcard manages the more technical parts of the setup as well as supports you through the process through a number of setup meetings.
  • What support can we expect once up and running?
    Loialcard provides a full feathered admin interface to manage all information and notification send outs in the app. This way you can manage the app yourself. Of course, at times there might be a need for you to contact us at Loialcard for support. This is free of charge up to 6 hours yearly. Additional support beyond will be charged in brackets of 30 minute slots (hourly cost at 59€). No charge will occur without Loialcard pre-informing you. Status of support hours used (reset and calculated from two weeks after launch and time of app promotion) is kept track of and communicated upon request.
  • Can notifications be used unlimited?
    Yes, you can use push notificaitons without any limitations (this is a huge benefit since for example a text message costs around 0.04 Euros per recipient). You can send headers, text, images and url:s to your members. You can send them individually, to groups, or to all. You can also schedule them to be sent when you want and repeat them as many times as you desire.
  • Can I change the number of membership card levels once live?
    Yes, this is flexible and can be adjusted continuously in the admin panel. There is really no limit to the number of card designs or levels you can set up.
  • How long is the contract period?
    We want to build long-term relationships, but we only want you to be a client of Loialcard if you want to. Hence, we have a one month notice period because we trust in the value Loialcard brings to our clients.
  • What's the cost of the app?
    There is a monthly base cost of 199$ for up to 2.000 app members. For each additional 1.000 members a monthly cost of 99$ is charged. From 10.000 members and onwards, 25$ are charged monthly per additional 1.000 members. Some specific features such as FrejaID, full guest list management etc at an additional cost. See more information in Product-tour and Pricing or Contact sales. Your organisation will also need to be registered at Google Play and Apple App Store in their developer programs at a cost of a one -time fee of 25$ and a yearly cost of 99$ respectively. This is charged towards you directly by Google and Apple.
  • Why Loialcard with an "i"?
    Ever since we imagined and started building Loialcard a few years ago, the customer of our clients has been at the heart of what we do. That's why we spell loyal with an i, to put all of our clients' customers in the center of what we do, each one of them represented by the i our name carries. The customers come in all shapes and sizes, each one equally important for the success of our clients. Loialcard is here to serve them all.
  • How much is invested in LoialCard?
    Loialcard has been shaped and developed over a number of years to find the right fit for the market, perfecting the activation of loyalty for our clients. Since the start of 2023 clients have been onboarded on the app and the functionality has been iterated based on their insightful feedback.
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