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All the features you need from the get-go, packed into a streamlined membership app that will activate loyalty among your customers and members.

All beautifully presented.

Check out our Demo App...

Experiencing the app first hand gives the best understanding of how it can support your business. Download our demo app and let us know if you want to have a test user setup to review the admin panel as well.


...or review the main features and full detailed feature list below!

Product Tour


Digital membership cards

Issue membership cards with different levels of benefits. Designed the way you want it. The cards and the apps will be in line with your brand.



Launch-ready app on both iOS and Android

Get your own loyalty apps in Apple App Store and Google Play.


With your logo, your colors and your loyal customers.


Push notifications for customer activation

Send push notifications to all of your loyal customers or to sub groups, such as customers of a certain membership level. Or even pinpoint one or a few individuals.


Industry specific offerings

Loialcard brings some specific features and configurations for a growing number of industries, currently a handful, where the membership benefits can be pushed even further. Learn more per the industry you represent.

Golf Club and Ball

Golf Clubs

Manage guest lists, offer pre-negotiated deals and much more. 



Manage guest lists, offer pre-negotiated deals and much more. 

Welcome your guests


Manage guest lists, offer pre-negotiated deals and much more. 

Prepare dinner


Manage guest lists, offer pre-negotiated deals and much more. 

Bring the vibe

More base app features

Wow, it's packed with features and explaining them all requires some more space. Here are a few more useful ones.

Using a Touch Phone


Let users know where you are located and also showcase other points of interest.



Promote events happening within and around your business. Connect events to map locations and possibly promote an event with push notification sendouts.

Image by Amy Shamblen


Let users collect rewards by scanning QR-codes making it possible to offer every 10th coffee for free or creating a quiz in the vicinity of your business location.

Credit Card

Shop n Go

Let users add their credit card and have them scan QR codes to buy your products. Set up fast shopping lanes for your loyal customers. Swift and effortless with complete handling of receipts.

Full feature list

Most included in base application.

1. Membership cards

  • Digital membership card

  • Designed according to your visual brand identity

  • Integrated QR-code for secure identification

  • Card animation to verify authenticity

  • Card history stored in app

2. Apps for iOS and Android

  • Launch-ready apps for both iOS and Android

  • Continuously kept up to date by Loialcard

3. Push notifications

  • Send out push notifications to users

  • Filter send outs on membership level, subgroups or specific individuals

  • Shape groups based on all user data stored in the app

  • Include title, text and image in notifications

  • Possible to link notifications to specific events in the app

  • COMING SOON: Send notifications based on geography, either at time of send out or if user enters specific area

4. Maps

  • Present all business locations and other points of interest on interactive map

  • Add image, text and description for each location

  • Set category and color per location

  • Directions presented in the app as per users location

5. Events

  • Publish events with images, title, description and date / time

  • Connect events to specific map location

  • Link from possible push notification to specific event

6. Rewards

  • Set up rewards to collect for users by scanning QR-codes

  • Redeem rewards as an admin by scanning QR-codes

  • Handle rewards for both actual products / purchases as well as fun and games

  • Connect rewards to physical locations

7. Shop and go

  • Let users add credit card in app and scan QR-codes to buy products

  • Add products in the app and have QR-codes autogenerated

  • Full receipt management with receipts stored for user in app and sent out per email

8. Guest list *

  • Let users sign up for guest lists

  • Setup rules for number of possible guests add per request

  • Have admins approve or deny guest list requests

  • Add notes per request

  • Redeem guest list request by scanning QR-code

  • Manage admin rights for personel

  • Complete ticker for counting guests at specific location

  • Manually add guest list request as admin

9. Membership verification

  • Use email adress to verify membershipUse email adress to verify membership

  • Require BankID or FrejaID for membership verification

  • Provide guest login with limited access

10. Administrative features

  • Multi level admin rights

  • Manage users, membership levels, ban users etc.

  • Review user history

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Import any type of info into the app through Excel/CSV, such as events, map locations, users etc

* ) Certain features at an additional base cost

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