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Pricing made simple

We have one plan and it always includes apps packed with great features in both Apple App Store and Google Play.


Don't spend time thinking about what plan to select, but rather get started and grow your loyal customer base even further with the support of Loialcard.

199 € per month*

*Full feature list, full support and up to 2.000 app members.

Start off quickly and with all you need to grow at full speed. You hit the ground running and once you reach 2.000+ members, add each additional 1.000 more member slots to be filled up for 100 € per month.

We have packed some amazing features and they are always included.

Loialcard always comes with digital membership cards, apps in both iOS and Android, events, rewards, a full fledged desktop backoffice, multilingual support (EN/SV and more), import / export of spreadsheet data, membership management, QR code scanning of membership cards etc. 

Learn more about Loialcard and its features in our product tour section. 

Smart feature add-ons for those special needs

Got even bigger plans?

We provide tailor made  services for you if you need help. Based on our Loialcard app we can build solutions that not only cater for the generic needs but also those special ones.

Fancy Box
Loialcard Custom Components

There is no one perfect fit for everyone. Are you in need of something a bit more tailored? Then go for modular pricing based on component usage and custom features.

Black Boxes
Loialcard +

Are you lucky enough to run a large business with tons of loyal customers? Let Loialcard put together an all-in-one solution for your high-volume business.

Measuring Gold Ring
Managed Services

Let Loialcard manage your entire Loialcard app including consumer admin, content management etc. We have skilled teams running full loyalty programmes for our clients while they themselves are busy building their businesses.

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