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Activate loyalty

Loialcard provides iOS and Android apps packed with features as an affordable service for small and midsize businesses to activate their loyal customer base. 


Loyalty apps.
Now for all!

Loialcard's vision is to bring more loyal customers to all business, regardless of their size. We bring loyalty apps as an affordable service building loyal customer bases for all our clients.

Everything we do aims at benefiting both our clients and their customers by shaping long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. 

Businesses that trust in Loialcard
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Digital membership cards

Issue membership cards with different levels of benefits. Designed the way you want it. The cards and the apps will be in line with your brand.



Launch-ready app on both iOS and Android

Get your own loyalty apps in Apple App Store and Google Play.


With your logo, your colors and your loyal customers.


Push notifications for customer activation

Send push notifications to all of your loyal customers or to sub groups, such as customers of a certain membership level. Or even pinpoint one or a few individuals.


with an "i"?

Ever since we imagined and started building Loialcard a few years ago, the customer of our clients has been at the heart of what we do. That's why we spell loyal with an i, to put all of our clients' customers in the center of what we do, each one of them represented by the i our name carries.

The customers come in all shapes and sizes, each one equally important for the success of our clients. Loialcard is here to serve them all.

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